About Daisy Jo's

Hello and Welcome! My name is Tracey Chisholm-MacDonald, the proud new owner of Daisy Jo’s (formerly Love Ritual), your ultimate online shopping destination for all things fun and fabulous!
I have always dreamed of opening my own Boutique and it’s finally happening! After many busy years of raising my children and more recently working in the fashion industry, the timing seemed perfect. As a Mom of three, I know all too well the business of everyday life and I am happy to assist you with your personal shopping experience in any way I can.
My goal is to create a collection of clothing that will make you look and feel your best! Fashion is a powerful form of expression and when we look
Good we feel good. Whether you are rocking a bold new print or like to keep it chic and minimal, I have something to suit every personality and taste.
Shopping at Daisy Jo’s is not just about adding beautiful pieces to your wardrobe, it is an experience I want to share with you all. To help you hand select the pieces that work best for you.
Lastly, the name. Everyone is asking about the name! I am the proud dog mom of two Goldendoodles. Daisy is 14 and Josie is 2. It just seemed appropriate that I name my new adventure after them. You may catch them in the store from
Time to time when we open!

Thank you for taking the time to check us out and Happy Shopping!